Monday, August 2, 2010

Ok, where was I?

So the last time we talked it was Father's Day? Wow, time is flying! Let's see:

We finished up the school year with a nail in the foot (son #2) and emergency surgery 10 days later. It was rotten and totally threw me off my game. I don't want to go into details, but it was scary and not fun. Everything is fine now - Coke Slurpees are my cure-all I must have had about 15 during this whole ordeal.

Son #1 was on a great baseball team (is is the handsome guy in the center of the shot, his friend has his arm around him) and finished up the season with a collision to the outfield fence (the fence won) - the ambulance was called and an emergency visit to the dentist (to make sure his teeth were not damaged) and he is fine now - total Slurpee consumption...3.

Otis turned ONE!!! We had a lovely party for him. He enjoyed it!

Michelle (sister-in-law extraordinaire and Sunday dinner com padre) turned..... you know what? I don't remember! Doesn't matter, she looks great and we had a great time at her party. Even her little niece was able to come and celebrate with us. Total Slurpee consumption..... 0 - libations were in order (I did need the Slurpee the next day for my boo boo tummy!)
So you see, you've all learned something else about me... I love coke Slurpee's and consider them a cure-all - from stress to hangovers, relief is just a quick ride to the 7-11!!

That's enough for this post.... Next up what I've made during the last month.