Thursday, October 30, 2008

P is for Procrastination

When deadlines are blaring down my neck and I have a million things to do, do you know what I do? Something completely not important at the time. I really must be a pressure junkie because I cannot figure for the life of me why in the world I needed to make this in the last 2 days....

The pattern is my own called Impression, I added long sleeves and a funky closure. I also added a buttonhole just in case one day I want a button closure. I do love this pattern and the fact that it can be made in a day or two. The yarn is Noro Kueryon Sock and I used 3 skeins with just a few yards left over. Impression can be purchased at Knitknack.

It is going to look awesome with my new Rockin' boots!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Holy Deadlines, Batman!

These are the boxes that contain the yarn for the 4 projects that are due November 1st! I am finished with 3 of the 4 and I will be a happy person when the 4th is completed! I have to write the patterns, and.... that is not my favorite. I can't show you any pictures of my projects, but I do have one finished project that I can show you.

It's the Sideways Spencer by Annie Modesitt. Click on the picture to see how beautiful it is, really, you can't see the detail on the smaller one. I was one of her test knitters on this project back in FEBRUARY! I know, it's a long time ago. The yarn is Iona from Colinette. Green is so my favorite! It is worked from sleeve to sleeve with the ribbing added after the sleeves are seamed. I love the way mine came out. I added an extra lace repeat (which caused me to have to keep my whits about me during this knit!) and extra ribbing. The original pattern is for a cropped sweater, and I don't do cropped! The buttons, wait look at them!

Don't they look like they were made for this project? I did have to change the pattern to have 3 buttons on the sweater instead of the called for 6 or 7 - because.... the buttons are from my button jar! So cool!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Katherine the Great

My sister and I had the normal childhood, we shared a room for a while and things were good. She is 2 years older than me and I worshiped her..

Then, we became teenagers. I don't know how my parents survived, things were bad.
She is 2 years older than me and I hated her..

Now we are married mothers, I don't know how I would survive without her, things are great.
She is 2 years older than me and I worship her..

Katherine is the most unselfish person I know, she is forgiving, kind and the smartest woman I have ever met. She is a lover of books and a voracious reader, the first to call on your birthday and never forgets a thing! She is a beautiful person in every way and I am lucky to have her.

So dear sister, I have made you your own sweater for this momentous birthday (sh, she's 40!) when I write the pattern, I think it will be called Parrish just for you. I wish I could could give it to you in person, but you get to see it here on your actual day!! It is drying right now and will be in the mail as soon as it is dry. I love you Katherine, Happy Birthday!

Monday, October 6, 2008


When you marry your best friend...............

You live Happily Ever After.............. I love you Mac - it seems like 12 minutes, not 12 years!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Holidays!!

Remember when I showed you this way back when?

It turned into this in the last 2 days!! Pattern is written for all sizes and types of yarn. This is a very "wordy" pattern, but you can use it for any yarn and any size. It was so simple to make and quick - I may even make some for Holiday gifts!! I think the bottom really looks like snow!

Holiday 08
Holiday 08

The pattern will be available through knitknack.

Have you started your Holiday knitting/crochet?