Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday Week In Pictures

The last of our Christmas guests left this morning and I am busy getting my house back in order. I have a trillion loads of laundry to sort and put away. I need to organize my daughter's toy haul in her bedroom, wash my floor, throw away all the leftover treats (this one will be the most difficult) and come up with some sort of dinner plan that doesn't include cocktail wieners and crescent rolls (which is about what I have left in the refrigerator - so let's add get to the grocery store to the list!) Mr. Fantastic is back at work and I am here with my three children - 4 extra children (make that 5, someone else just came to the back door) and almost 3 feet of snow (and ALL the snow gear that comes with it)

Here is our last week in pictures:

Santa came on the firetruck:

I made a rockin' veal goulash with dumplings for Sunday dinner:

The kids received emails from Santa:
I wrapped, and wrapped and wrapped and wrapped.......

We decorated Baba's sugar cookies:
My parents came and we went to Christmas Eve Mass:

Everyone came over for Christmas Eve Dinner:

Santa left an awesome letter:

Presents were opened:

Another Dinner:
Sorry folks... too tired at this point to take pictures!

Some of the McAlindins came and we had a BLIZZARD (Oh, and another dinner was served):


Friday, December 17, 2010

Wrap It Up

Today I will be enjoying my favorite tea and wrapping..... I hope you get everything done that you need to!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Frosted Windowpane Pullover

Here is my latest published design. It is published in Interweave Crochet Winter 2010 and will be available Dec. 28th. It is called the Frosted Windowpane Pullover, and I must say.... I love this thing! It's all crochet but looks knitted. I made it on the beach this summer (yes Estella, you did see this in the works!).

Monday, December 13, 2010

Shimmer Cowl

I designed the Shimmer Cowl in June, just before we left for the summer. It was a quick tight deadline and I remember stitching the lacy bottom one day and then the remainder of the cowl the next day..... I am making these as my teacher gifts this year and let me tell you - stitching from the pattern, the cowl is just as quick.

The pattern is from Red Heart and is featured on their 12 weeks of Christmas free patterns (week 10). Link to the 12 Weeks of Christmas patterns can be found here.
I made this one in Classic Elite's Waterlily and it feels so dreamy! I want to make one for myself once things slow down here.

We decorated our tree yesterday and we are anxiously awaiting Santa!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Crazy Busy

Just a quick note to tell you that I am under the gun with a design and will be a super happy girl tomorrow after it's overnighted to the photographer!

I am still in a fight with the green sweater.... it will be next after the current design.

I made my first teacher's gift.... here's a picture, I'll give you the details on Friday.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Crochet Time Out

Right now I am working on a project for Knitknack.... it was supposed to be easy, I was going to "whip it up in a weekend". It was Thanksgiving weekend and I was very confident that I was going to show up at the shop with a brand new pattern and fantastical garment for display.... when I realized quite late into the design (I was 2/3's of the way finished) that the thing was going to be sooo long and sooo heavy, no one would wear it. Seriously..... I had to take a knee.

I ripped the whole thing out on Monday thinking you know what? I am still going to crank on this thing and have the body done and show up to the shop with this fantastical garment to tease knitters and crocheters into having to wait for sleeves and pattern. Monday afternoon after school I was feeling quite pleased with myself I was splitting for the armhole, when to my horror - I didn't have enough stitches and I counted about a billion times thinking those stitches would come out of nowhere to help me.... but they didn't. I ripped the thing out to the first armhole.....said something to the effect of Turd... and put it in a time out. Yes, there were tears and yes we are totally still in a fight. I have other things to do and I am going to do them!

I finished a beautiful shawl in lace weight Malabrigo, color ..... it's a shocker here.... green, no wait let's have it sound really cool Verde (green in Spanish).

I mostly worked on this shawl while snuggling in bed with my daughter at night waiting for her to fall asleep... it was perfect to work on at night and working with the yarn feels so good on your hands after a long day.

I am still trying to pry my awesome sweater off me so I can fix it, but as you can see as of this morning, I still have it on!

I have to start work on a secret project this afternoon, so no pictures of that.

Next post will be about a crochet-a-long for a quick and lovely cowl (not the sweater, I'm still mad)