Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Favorite

You know what my favorite part of Thanksgiving is?


Monday, November 22, 2010

Old Faithful

I love this sweater. I designed it right after learning about (and then having to own everything she has ever written) Elizabeth Zimmermann. It was my first lesson in steeking and I loved every second of the construction of this easy, dropped shoulder cabled design. I remember knitting it during the winter Olympics and it was cold and snowy outside.

I love this sweater. It is the warmest garment I own and I wear it all the time. I used to wear it all fancy smanshy with cool jeans, boots and a turtleneck.... then I lost a button and I would wear it over my jammies driving the kids to school, and around the house. As you can see... I also eat with it on (and.....from the looks of the poor dear, I am a messy eater) get the mail with it on, cook with it on.... you get the picture.

After my wonderful trip to Ireland and searching hi and low in Dublin for a shop that had yarn or those sweaters everyone has in their closet that smells like sheep that they don't wear, but their aunt's sister's cousin went and brought it back.... wait I'm getting off topic. Oh yes, I couldn't find a shop - the only thing I found was a store in the airport as we were leaving and the prices were crazy pants... plus, I could make one! Wait! I already have made one.... my lovely warmest sweater ever missing a button with kung pow chicken caked on the buttonband.

I am going to fix her up. Tighten up the neck and clean her.... find that button and sew it on....

I'll show you my tricks along the way.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Sidewalk Shawl

This summer I had the pleasure of designing for Debbie Stoller again. This time she requested a pineapple shawl - not too pointy - with really long fringe. The result is the Sidewalk shawl in the luscious Bamboo Ewe in Mercury.

I have to say that I'm not a fringe girl... but Debbie knows her stuff because this thing is so sassy, you can't help but feel New York Chick in this thing.

I was going away to Ireland last week and went to the stash to find I didn't have enough Bamboo Ewe (the horror), so I whipped one up in Dream in Color Classy in the color grey tabby. I made mine with an I hook and lots more fringe (so much for not being a fringe girl!).

Let's see how miss sassy sidewalk did in Ireland:

She was stunning over a chair

She really came in handy in the rain

She was uber-cool draped over my pocketbook in the Guinness Brewery

She was ready to keep we warm and vogue outside!
Want to know the coolest thing about her?...... the pattern is FREE!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Perfect Time

I have just arrived home from a getaway trip with Mr. Fantastic. Can you guess where we went? Here are a few hints....

Crochet can get down and dirty with the common man and hang with pints...

Crochet can be fancy pants and chat over tea.....

It was a perfect trip!!!