Thursday, November 19, 2009

Finger Work

I know I have been silent..... I know my family has missed me..... I promise I will be back after Dec. 1st.... I have been working my fingers to the bone, to the bone I tell ya, and I have nothing to show for it.... Here is a bit of my other finger work! Make sure to note around 50 seconds how my Dumplin' goes from pure happy, to something different!

And speaking of fingers..... I am officially addicted to butterfingers. It started at Halloween, I had about, oh.... 15 of them (fun sized, that is) and I love them, I know... but I do. Well, after I went through the leftover candy here..... I started to pilfer through my children's candy when they weren't looking. I told them to hide their candy from me because well, I know me, and I would eat it. Turns out.... my children have sucky hiding spaces and to be honest? I was a little bit peeved that my 11 year old chose under his bed. Under your bed?!! Please, his butterfingers didn't have a chance - poor things.

Total 'finger count for today..... 6. Well, now it's 7 because I was writing about them and needed to have one while my video was processing.... Crap.