Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Thirty years ago in 1981.... wow, that's hard to type. Thirty years ago, I 'graduated' from elementary school. I looked like this:

Today, our middle boy did the same..... he looks like this:

Yep, he's mine!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Little Things

Yesterday was Father's Day.... ALL day I tried to think of what my Father's Day post was going to be. What could I write that would be both a tribute to my Father and not be redundant of years past. I was tired (I was at a concert the night before) I was sick (I've been battling a stomach bug for a few days) and I really didn't want to toss something up that I hadn't really thought about and wouldn't be proud to have on the blog.

I'm sorry it's late Daddy, but here it is:

I'm searching for photos, pictures of milestones of our life together. My wedding, births of my children, my graduations the prom. I found a few in my gigantic box of pictures in the basement, but what struck me as I was looking at all the photos was... my favorite ones? The pictures that made me smile the most were the ones that were just.... captured. Little moments of everyday-ness that made me happy I was holding them in my hand. Here are a few.

Waiting for you on Friday nights to have dinner at the marina. You are so handsome in a suit and wingtips. Eating dinner on the back of the boat.

Eating dinner and realizing it was time to take pictures for the church directory - actually mom remembered - but look at how dapper you both looked (I remember we left the dinner table and got ready in 15 min.).
The time you and mommy hosted the McAlindins before my senior prom and you and my future Father in law realized you were both scotch (drinking) men and navy men.

Never making me feel like I was too old (or big) to sit on your lap

Having Colin and Graham help you lower the flag at the Yacht Club and hosting dinner for the family.
Having Graham 'help' you with yard work.

Little glimpses into my memories and my life with you. I Love you: I have never doubted how much you love me, our family and your commitment to providing us with more than we could ever hope. More importantly, I remember never being afraid to talk to you and having you treat me like a human being. What a lucky girl I am to have you. What a lucky girl I am to remember the little things. What a lucky girl I am to have married a man whose entire Fatherhood is about appreciating the little things:

Monday, June 13, 2011

Three Things

I've learned 3 things today:

1. When you eat all the leftover spinach dip from Sunday dinner for lunch, it makes you feel not so good.

2. When you give your sister in law yarnny goodness for her birthday makes you all squishy inside. It also doubles as a wonderful Ms. America sash.

3. When your father teaches your son 4th grade math, you wish he was home when you were in 4th grade (instead of working like a dog) so it didn't take you until you were 40 and listening to their lesson to understand 4th grade math.

I am happy to report that I can now convert fractions to decimals. Understand the percent of things and can happily multiply fractions.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Michelle is my sister in law. We live in the same town. We get together for Sunday dinner during the school year and today..... today is her Birthday.

I've been told that I have never done a blog post about her for her birthday, so here you go Michelle (count this as your card too!)

Michelle has a love of yarn.....'nuf said.
Michelle has the softest skin of any woman I have felt (in a totally non creepy sort of way)
Michelle has a 20 year old daughter!
Michelle was in my wedding.
Michelle is a kickin' cook.
Michelle can wield an iron like the cleaners - it's an art really.
Michelle loves my children.
Michelle is married to my husband's brother.

Michelle lives at the beach in the summer.
Michelle is one of my easiest people to buy a present for.
Michelle is really pretty.

Happy Birthday Michelle...I love you!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Otis

Happy 2nd Birthday make our lives happy!