Sunday, December 27, 2009

Why I Knit

When deadlines are looming (they are again) and I am sick and tired of knitting or crocheting.... I am going to watch this. I love you Mom.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe New Year!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mom is Busy!

Hey all! Otis here, Mom is real busy getting ready for the Holidays, so I thought I would check in and show you what's been going on.

Santa came on the Firetruck and the kids all got gifts, and I got really scared.

We decorated the tree in the family room. That was fun and you know what? The water in the tree tastes sooooo good!

I like to lay around under the tree in the knitting room. It messes up the tree skirt, and it makes me giggle that Mr. Fantastic has to fix it a million times a day!

I had my first professional groomer come and that was lots of fun.... the groomer says I was a perfect gentleman and I was so fluffy and smelled like blueberries...... I had to fix that - so the next day, I went out back, dug myself a nice hole laid in it..... and now?

I smell like a man again.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I went to Jared!

As in Jared Flood aka Brooklyntweed, not that annoying jewelry store!! Well, I'm sure the jewelry store is not annoying.... but the commercials on TV are super annoying. I walked into the store rockin' my new Quincy hat (available in Jared's new book) and I wore a skein of Malabrigo as a scarf. Turns out, people loved the skein of yarn for a scarf thing!

Anyway, on Saturday my LYS Knitknack had a book signing and on Sunday Jared taught classes (which I heard were amazing!) Can we all stop at look at how CUTE he is!!! Holy cow and he was so nice and just a regular guy. When I walked into the shop, he was sitting behind a table and there was a lull in the action. The shop was quiet and he look at me and said, "Hi, I'm Jared." Yeah, no duh! So in my most casual, not starstruck what-so-ever voice, I said, "Hello, if I weren't' happily married would you run away with me so we could live on a farm with sheep and knit all day long? my name is Kimberly"

Look at what Meera (LYS owner extraordinaire!!) is wearing! It's the newly competed (did I mention no one is getting handmade gifts from me this year?) Moss Fern Wrap in a larger weight yarn.... Doesn't she look pretty??? Cool thing about it is that it only takes 1/2 of the ginormous skein, so if I were making holiday gifts this year I could make 2 from 1 skein!!! Hop on over to Ravelry (I'm fiberlover) and check out the specifics I did modify the numbers for this one - it took 2 days to make and 1 to block and dry. Great, great last minute gift - well, not really a minute... more like frantic crocheting for hours and hours... but you get my drift!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Finger Work

I know I have been silent..... I know my family has missed me..... I promise I will be back after Dec. 1st.... I have been working my fingers to the bone, to the bone I tell ya, and I have nothing to show for it.... Here is a bit of my other finger work! Make sure to note around 50 seconds how my Dumplin' goes from pure happy, to something different!

And speaking of fingers..... I am officially addicted to butterfingers. It started at Halloween, I had about, oh.... 15 of them (fun sized, that is) and I love them, I know... but I do. Well, after I went through the leftover candy here..... I started to pilfer through my children's candy when they weren't looking. I told them to hide their candy from me because well, I know me, and I would eat it. Turns out.... my children have sucky hiding spaces and to be honest? I was a little bit peeved that my 11 year old chose under his bed. Under your bed?!! Please, his butterfingers didn't have a chance - poor things.

Total 'finger count for today..... 6. Well, now it's 7 because I was writing about them and needed to have one while my video was processing.... Crap.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween

This morning I made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins for a Halloween party we are going to tonight. They are really good - although I like raisins with my pumpkin much better than chocolate. Don't get me wrong... chocolate and I are really, REALLY good friends, but with pumpkin, it's not my favorite.

While baking the cookies, I thought I would share with you my favorite fall oatmeal recipe. When I eat this in the morning.... I stay full for the most part of the day... bonus!

Pumpkin Oatmeal
makes 4 servings

Make the oatmeal according to the box recipe (for 4 servings, do not omit the salt!) I also make the oatmeal with 1/2 the liquid water and 1/2 skim milk.
When it is finished cooking on the stove add in:

1 cup pumpkin puree
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1/4 tsp. nutmeg
1/4 tsp. ground cloves
1/4 cup raisins
1/4 cup sugar (I use in the raw sugar)

Stir together and enjoy!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fried Turkey Love

This weekend, my friend came to visit us from Florida.... we had such a great time together and the kids picked up right from where they left off. It was cold, so we had a cozy fire and spent a great night together (the Yankee win was the icing on the cake!)

Sunday was a cold, rainy day and my brother came over to fry a turkey. It was our first time and it was a lot of fun - well, anything with my brother is a lot of fun! The turkey was really good and cooked in 50 minutes!

I have started to work on 4 projects for Naturally Caron that are due by Dec. 1st.... If I stay on track, I shouldn't be too crazed (I can almost guarantee I won't stay on track.... it does make life more interesting and good things to write about on the blog!)

The next blog post will have knitting.... I promise!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Ancient Episcopal Proverb

"Puppy who eats knitting spends many hours in crate"

OK, I am sure you are sick of the puppy talk... but to be totally honest? the puppy thing is kicking my butt! I know it will get better, I know I won't have to clean up house messes for much longer, I know the barking in the crate at night that goes through me like nails on a chalkboard will stop, I know I will be able to sleep with my husband again, I know I will be able to design again soon, but for right now all I do is follow around an 18 week old canine and get my basic house chores done (well most of them)

This weekend our oldest Son turns 11...wait I have to take a knee....... I cannot believe how grown up he looks and what a great person he is turning out to be. He is opting to spend his birthday weekend at the beach with his grandparents..... need I say more?

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Puppy

This is what children look like when they get a new puppy:

This is what Mommy looks like:

Any questions??

Saturday, September 26, 2009

When Dreams Come True

Here is my first ever Interweave Crochet design and, in my opinion, my largest Crochet design accomplishment: The Moss Fern Wrap.

I designed this after meeting Gina Wilde at my local yarn shop. She was an amazing person and I felt very inspired by her yarns, her dye process and pretty much everything about her (can we all say stalker together and get it over with?!)

If I had one person to thank for this it would be Meera, my local yarn shop owner. Meera has pushed (without even knowing it) my design engine. Her choice of yarns and color is something I have never seen before. Walking into her store knitknack is a feast for the eyes! I am always inspired by her shop and my wallet can attest for that!

Thank you Meera for steering me in the right direction, for your confidence in my designs, and for your friendship and honest nature that I so admire.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


And Here He Is!

Meet Otis our Australian Labradoodle.... I am in love!

Friday, September 11, 2009


Yesterday, I sent one to Middle School:

One to third grade:

And one to Kindergarten:

I need a dog!

Friday, August 28, 2009


We will be on Vacation until Sept 9th!!! Enjoy the last days of Summer!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Secret Project Done

I have been working on a secret project for a little over two weeks now and I am thrilled to say that she is done! Well, not really done because I still have to block her and write the pattern. I wish I could give you a little glimpse of what she is but I can't do that.... Wait! Here she is!

Sorry, I wish I could show you more! I have two sketches to send off this afternoon, so I have to get going, it's finally a swimming beach day (hurricane Bill did not let us swim the whole weekend!)

Friday, August 21, 2009

How Many More Days

                                                          this picture was taken about 20 min. ago

Mom, How many more days do we have at Bobbie & Papa's?

We have a little under 3 weeks.

Man, summer goes by way too fast!

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Dress

I am still posting about the Conference in Buffalo because so much happened to me during that week! One of the first things I found out when I arrived at the hotel was that I was going to be modeling in the fashion show. Now, I am not a model..... but I have to say, it was a lot of fun to be one for the day! I was asked to try on a dress, THE DRESS which turns out was the grand prize winning dress of the design contest. I tried on the dress because, well..... I could fill out the cup size. The dress was made by fellow designer Renee' Barnes and was really beautiful. The bottom of the dress was a lace alpaca and literally floated when I walked. It was so soft, so comfortable. The top was free form crochet over a strapless bra. I was a bit smaller than the bra, so I had to be tapped and stuffed in there and I was nervous the whole thing was going to slide down! Here is the picture taken of me after I came off the runway by Drew Emborsky.... I needed some spray for my tan lines!! (that's model speak.... way cool, or that's what I was told)

Renee' blogged about the dress and her winning, and she even asked me to answer some questions and put it up on the newly featured designer profile. Thanks Renee' for the opportunity to wear that beautiful dress and the designer profile! 

Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm Famous...... in Buffalo

My girlfriend and roommate (and extremely talented crochet designer) Tammy Hildebrand sent over this link from It was taken on Saturday at the conference. Pictured from left to right are: Marty Miller, Me, Tammy, Drew Emborsky, and Carol Ventura.

A new friend of mine emailed me via Ravelry (hey Sheldon!) and wanted to know what I had been up to since the conference. I give you my response:

I came back from Chain link to lots of hugs and smiles from my wee ones, they really missed me and were on their best behavior for about......... 10 hours. Since the conference I have

Washed, folded and dried 4 loads of laundry
Cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Made 4 beds
Went to the grocery store twice 
Spent the night in the ER (Son #2 has a ruptured ear drum)
Made a liqueur store run (and I'm fixin' to go again!)
Begun to design a knit tunic for a book that is coming out in spring '11 (Oh, that was weird to write '11, that is.... not the book thing. It's not MY book it is a compilation book I am going to be in - but I didn't say that out loud!)

We just finished lunch here, and I am getting ready for the beach.... Son #2 is upset because there will be no swimming for him this weekend.... but he can play all the video games he wants. It seems that I am still very, very..... not famous, just had my picture taken with a bunch of famous designers.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

She Works Hard for the Money

Chain Link was an incredible experience (again!). This year I was a little bit more involved in the behind the scenes, something that I found I LOVED! Last year I signed up to be on the Professional Development Day of the conference and I really enjoyed the behind the scenes. Tammy Hildebrand, Marty Miller, Drew Emborsky, Amy Shelton, Doris Chan, all pulled together by the incredible Robyn Chachula  (are you impressed yet? If not, google a few of those names..... I was in Designer Hog heaven I tell you!) put on a great day for aspiring Designers, contract crocheters, future yarn shop owners, and many more! The day was long and my feet were killing me (my shoes Rocked, though) but I had a great time. 

I got to hob nob with the biggies of the industry, and I loved every second of it. Pictured above are Me, Vashti Braha, and Marty Miller:  we are in the "office" after hours...... we are switching crochet garments and Drew is taking pictures of us (note to self: never leave camera alone with Drew - I have some crazy photos!)

I came home from this conference with a lot of design work ahead of me..... I am thrilled! I have a knit deadline coming up August 31st...I have made all of my swatches and started the numbers part. Today I get to cast on...... the yarn is Decadent Fibers Marshmallow, and knit up it really feels closer to cashmere than wool. The colorway is going to be called Honey Butter, Mmmmm I need some tea and toast for breakfast! I love this work!!!

I don't love this work though!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Chain Link

Manicure/Pedicure and Foil Touch up...................$150.00

Full Tank of Gas to drive to Buffalo.........................$70.00

New Clothes and shoes to match the crochet garments I made.............. Honey, you don't want to know

Spending 5 days with your crochet peers........... PRICELESS!

I will be spending the next week either driving to and from Buffalo for Chain Link (the national crochet conference) or taking classes, helping with the professional development day (I am on the committee) or spending more money on yarn. I am so thankful for this opportunity to go by myself to recharge my mommy batteries and hang with other Fiber - lovers. I can't wait to see my friends from last year.... Pictured are the garments I made in the past week for the conference. 

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ribbon Candy Shawl

I have been working on a lot of crochet designs..... and let me tell you I am tired! I have been working on a new shawl design for the Decadent Divas of decadentfibers and tonight I have finally put the finishing touches on the pattern. I had a little bit of a problem because I always photograph my work in my house and as everyone knows I am at the beach for the summer. I really needed to get the latest shawl photographed, so I went into a little shop in town today and asked if i could use theirs. While I was there I found the PERFECT shoes to wear with the shawl at Chain Link next week........BONUS!!!
Here she is.... the Ribbon Candy Shawl named for the silk chenille edging that reminds me of ribbon candy. The shawl is made of 3 skeins of the newest sock yarn from the Decadent Divas and 1 skein of the silk chenille. Kits will be sold at the conference next week.
This past weekend we had a great visitor that made us laugh all day.... here he is at the dinner table.... priceless!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Dr. Itch

Dr. Itch is an elderly gentleman who comes to our dock to crab every other morning. Since we have been coming here every summer for the past 3 years, Dr. Itch really enjoys seeing "the little people". Dr. Itch is over 80 and used to be a dermatologist - his license plate says Dr. Itch, so that is what we call him. 

Every morning my children climb out of bed and "help" Dr. Itch with the crab traps. They chat his ear off (I don't think he can hear them too well!) and they genuinely enjoy his visits. I love to watch them scamper after him and yesterday on the porch was this treat....

Crab Legs! The crew devoured them and can't wait for the next bunch! I love to see Dr. Itch and the way my children love to see him makes my heart smile.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Dearest Katherine (my sister)-

Thank you for your email requesting I update my blog. Really, I love to see that you are clicking on My Button Jar everyday! I am so sorry I haven't updated in a week... I was doing some design work today when I received your email and I wanted to post a picture of you on the blog real quick.... but I haven't downloaded all of my pictures from when you came to visit. Lucky you! Anyway the other day, Mom and I were in town shopping with my 3 cherubs and we met one of Mommy's friends. She had with her two of her grandchildren. Guess what?! She has 3 grandchildren... and they have the same names as my children! Weird.... right!

I snapped a photo of them all and I was pleased to figure out that my children are older, and I named them first!

Love you-


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Wedding Shawl

A few days before I was leaving for the beach, my friend called and asked if I could make her a shawl for her brother's wedding..... I couldn't resist. My friend came over and brought her dress and we found the perfect yarn. It was a brown sock yarn that I bought on sale and I had just enough. The pattern is not my own... but I will be making one for myself soon! The pattern is from Carolyn Christmas

I was thrilled that she sent me pictures of her in the shawl!

It was my first project this summer. The next project I made was a sweater for myself and I had to rip it back to the armholes.... currently I am working on 3 designs all due by Aug 4th.... I am super busy, but it is great to be working at the beach.

Monday, June 29, 2009


Car tune up and full tank of gas...........$100.00

Packing, laundry and unpacking..........blood, sweat, and tears

Groceries and alcohol.............................$300.00

Spending the summer in paradise with your Grandparents.......PRICELESS

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Which Way?

Remember the Salt Water Taffy Shawl? Wait, here it is for you to see.

 I designed this a few months ago for the lovely ladies at Decadent Fibers. They made up kits and off to the shows they went. My lovelies, wanted to see if I could rework the shawl a little to use a little less yarn and therefore open up the market on the shawl (less yarn = less price!) I set out to work and I came up with this.

The new shawl has one less panel and I originally wanted to shorten it, but I didn't because I love the long flow of this shawl. I love that you can wear it over a jeans jacket for even more warmth (and rockin' style - if you ask me!) The Spring and Early summer here in New Jersey has been really chilly, so I wore the original quite often!

The original wraps all the way around your back and hangs down your right shoulder. The newer version does not. The newer version has a longer sleeve, and hangs over your left shoulder - you need a shawl pin (ooh! another excuse to buy something!) to hold it in place.

So I am leaving you with photos how to wrap them. You decide.... which would you prefer?? I say, go for them both!

First, put the sleeve on your left arm and place the fabric that hangs down up on your right shoulder. Next, wrap shawl around across the front of your body and over your left shoulder (for shorter version, leave and place shawl pin on your left shoulder.) For longer version, continue wrapping shawl around and across your back to your right shoulder, pull forward and add a shawl pin to your right shoulder. There you have it!