Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I am in cleaning mode here! It doesn't happen too often, so I have to hop on it when I get the feeling to clean. In June, I went through Marin's bedroom and got rid of everything she didn't play with anymore... it was invigorating!!

At the end of June, I went up into the playroom - and 3 days later the place is so clean, I like to just go up there and look at how clean it is!!

August brings about a lot of work in knit and crochet and I was feeling so completely bogged down by the dung pile that is my workspace. Monday afternoon, I started in on my yarn and needles and hooks and notions.... I came away with some beautiful yarns that I will never use in my lifetime...

So, I'm having a sale!! Click on the LINK to see yarns and prices. Shipping is on me if you are in the US and Canada....

Have fun.... Up next: My knitting and crochet BOOKS!!