Monday, February 14, 2011

Elizabeth Grace

We had a wonderful weekend, topped off by the Baptism of my niece. I was so excited for this event because my sister (being the Godmother extraordinaire) was there. I haven't seen my sister since my brother's wedding in September and I couldn't wait to squeeze her!

Here is the Guest of honor meeting her Godmother for the first time.... What a doll baby, she is the sweetest, good natured "lump of love" I have ever seen!

Here are the parents and Godparents.

It was such a great day, followed by a yummy lunch and more time with my sister.

Here is the blanket I made for her. I made it out of Spa and I hear she does snuggle with it. Many Thanks to my brother Adam and Diane for hosting such a wonderful event.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blocking Lace

Well... that Moss Fern Wrap is at it again in the crochet news, and I am thrilled. This time Sarah Read (project editor for Interweave Crochet) shows how to block crochet lace.... Go check it out and look at her beautiful finished object!

I have been working on lots of crochet goodies, but I can't show you a darn thing!!! The waiting is very hard for me and makes for a very boring blogger!!!