Monday, October 27, 2008

Holy Deadlines, Batman!

These are the boxes that contain the yarn for the 4 projects that are due November 1st! I am finished with 3 of the 4 and I will be a happy person when the 4th is completed! I have to write the patterns, and.... that is not my favorite. I can't show you any pictures of my projects, but I do have one finished project that I can show you.

It's the Sideways Spencer by Annie Modesitt. Click on the picture to see how beautiful it is, really, you can't see the detail on the smaller one. I was one of her test knitters on this project back in FEBRUARY! I know, it's a long time ago. The yarn is Iona from Colinette. Green is so my favorite! It is worked from sleeve to sleeve with the ribbing added after the sleeves are seamed. I love the way mine came out. I added an extra lace repeat (which caused me to have to keep my whits about me during this knit!) and extra ribbing. The original pattern is for a cropped sweater, and I don't do cropped! The buttons, wait look at them!

Don't they look like they were made for this project? I did have to change the pattern to have 3 buttons on the sweater instead of the called for 6 or 7 - because.... the buttons are from my button jar! So cool!


Estella said...

Kimberly, it is lovely! I am so glad you didn't make it cropped (I don't do cropped either!). Can't wait to see your projects when they are done.

Marguerite said...

Hey Kimberly, I found you. I agree with Estella about it not being cropped. It is a beautiful sweater. The cables and yarn are a great combination on the arms. Maybe some day I will be able to do somethng similar.
Speaking of deadlines, I have been working non stop and have not had a chance to procrastinate. Just no time period.
Looking forward to this 4 day weekend for me in BH