Thursday, November 19, 2009

Finger Work

I know I have been silent..... I know my family has missed me..... I promise I will be back after Dec. 1st.... I have been working my fingers to the bone, to the bone I tell ya, and I have nothing to show for it.... Here is a bit of my other finger work! Make sure to note around 50 seconds how my Dumplin' goes from pure happy, to something different!

And speaking of fingers..... I am officially addicted to butterfingers. It started at Halloween, I had about, oh.... 15 of them (fun sized, that is) and I love them, I know... but I do. Well, after I went through the leftover candy here..... I started to pilfer through my children's candy when they weren't looking. I told them to hide their candy from me because well, I know me, and I would eat it. Turns out.... my children have sucky hiding spaces and to be honest? I was a little bit peeved that my 11 year old chose under his bed. Under your bed?!! Please, his butterfingers didn't have a chance - poor things.

Total 'finger count for today..... 6. Well, now it's 7 because I was writing about them and needed to have one while my video was processing.... Crap.


Estella said...

Oh, I was so happy to hear Dumplin's voice - yours too! Her braid looks lovely! I used to french braid my hair all the time.

Otis was there too...very quiet and not eating wool.

Hugs to all of you.

Joyce said...

Fingers to the bone ?!...does that mean you need some cheering up? OK then, when I read Sindy's post I thought of you – you bake, right? Go to this site and half way down the screen, read what she wrote about her cookies. It made me chuckle. Hope it will make you smile. Too.

janice said...


Katherine said...

It's Dec. 3rd....I'm just sayin'