Thursday, September 9, 2010

HUGE Month

September is always a big month for me, my children head back to school, scheduling starts and my birthday is in September. This year is a B I G one for me, and to be totally honest? I'm not liking it. I know it's just a number and I know you are as old as you feel, but the only thing I can think of when I think of this birthday is another word that starts with F!!

A bit of sweet news for me is that this month in my 40Th year..... my work appears in 3 different magazines and two different medias.

Let the self promotion begin!

In Crochet! magazine, my Circle Vest (for Caron International) is the Editor's Choice!! I crocheted this version while skiing in Vermont and staying with our good friends... Deanne that's you!

In Knit 'n Style magazine, my Ribbed Slit Shawl (for Coats & Clark) is my first published knitting design in a magazine. I have designed knit patterns for a long time... they are just starting to be published. The magazine has 7 pictures of the shawl- all different ways to wear the wrap.... I am blown away! Patty, I was making this at your house in January.

The last is not really IN the magazine, but it's in an add on the back cover. It's the sweater I did for Debbie Stoller and seems to be a big hit on Ravelry. I love this sweater and I designed it while on vacation in the Dominican Republic this year.

End Self Promotion - but I am smiling!


Estella said...

I am smiling too!

Ellen Gormley said...

Great job! I have a b-day later this month too. I'm trying to decide what my gift to myself will be. Maybe in honor of your "F" b-day you should get something Fabulous and Fashionable and possible something Fantastic that will make you Feel Fifteen again...

Chelsea said...

So great!!! It's funny...I own both magazines, and your vest was my favorite in Crochet! and The sweater you did for Debbie's just amazing. I've been wanting to make that for ages now! Congratulations on all of your fabulous designs :)
Chelsea Norquay

Barbara said...

Big smiles for you! Happy Birthday too! I'm working toward the 60 mark so smile while you can! tee hee

Hugs XX

Doris said...

BRAVA, Kimberly. Brilliant stuff! Hey, you're still a baby. Wait until the next "F" one comes along!

tammystreasures said...

Wow! You are such a rock star! Congratulations! And I wouldn't worry about the birthday thing too much - you only act like you're about 12. Love you!

Joyce said...

Happy birthday. I am heading towards 50. Yes, big smile for you. Like your new picture on Ravelry. Love the Filigree cardigan. So feminine. Surprise you didn't put it on your Free Pattern area.