Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday Week In Pictures

The last of our Christmas guests left this morning and I am busy getting my house back in order. I have a trillion loads of laundry to sort and put away. I need to organize my daughter's toy haul in her bedroom, wash my floor, throw away all the leftover treats (this one will be the most difficult) and come up with some sort of dinner plan that doesn't include cocktail wieners and crescent rolls (which is about what I have left in the refrigerator - so let's add get to the grocery store to the list!) Mr. Fantastic is back at work and I am here with my three children - 4 extra children (make that 5, someone else just came to the back door) and almost 3 feet of snow (and ALL the snow gear that comes with it)

Here is our last week in pictures:

Santa came on the firetruck:

I made a rockin' veal goulash with dumplings for Sunday dinner:

The kids received emails from Santa:
I wrapped, and wrapped and wrapped and wrapped.......

We decorated Baba's sugar cookies:
My parents came and we went to Christmas Eve Mass:

Everyone came over for Christmas Eve Dinner:

Santa left an awesome letter:

Presents were opened:

Another Dinner:
Sorry folks... too tired at this point to take pictures!

Some of the McAlindins came and we had a BLIZZARD (Oh, and another dinner was served):



Estella said...

Love your Christmas! The picture with your parents is fantastic...especially the shawl collar sweater Dumplin is wearing. Curious as to what #2 son got where he is bursting for joy - the expression on his face is priceless! We all send love and hugs.

Kimberly said...

Howdy Estella! The beach pictures are unbelievable and fantastic! Son #2 with the other kids received the PS3 and that is what he is opening.... the sweater that Dumplin is wearing.... is from our trip to Dublin (wish I could take the credit for that one!) Hope all is well with you - give everyone a squeeze for me!

Joyce said...

Great ending :) Wishing you a great 2011. Sending you a big hug from Florida.