Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day

For the past few years on Mother's Day I have listed things I love about my Mother. Things that I remember about her from growing up. I usually end with a real zing, you know - something that makes me tear up after reading it..... but this year? This year I get her! I get to smell her smells and feel her hugs. I get to watch her watch my children. I get to eat her delicious salads and say grace with her. I get to hold her hand and drink tea with her. I get to show her all of my knitting stuff that I am working on. zing, but I'm still tearing up after reading. I can't wait to squeeze you Mom.. I adore you, I am thankful for you, I am so lucky to be spending Mother's Day with you.


Estella said...

Give her a mother's day hug from me! Lucky you spending MD with your Mom!

Split Rock Ranch said...

What a lovely tribute to your Mom! So glad you got to spend the day with her. I enjoyed spending the day with my Mom and both of my kids and their spouses yesterday.