Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Perfect Procrastinator

As a designer, this is my busy season. I seem to have a bunch of designs due mid November which causes me to panic mid September. Everything seems to be put on the back burner except the designs - laundry, decorating my house, basic cleanliness, etc. Every year I say to myself, Kimberly, don't wait until the last minute with these deadlines, get your fanny in gear and write those patterns.

Obviously, I don't listen to myself! This weekend is no exception. I have 1 and 1/3 of a sample to design and knit and what did I do this weekend????

I learned a new spinning technique on my spinning wheel.... Yep! Here are the photos.

I bought this fleece in September: I washed and dyed the fiber (I tried my hand with dying something brown, and I wasn't that successful - so I thought I would practice with this part of the fleece, no harm done if I don't like what I was going to do)

Here is the fleece washed and dyed (see how compacted it is)

I hand picked the fleece apart and made it fluffy:

The fluffy fleece went into the drum carder (my birthday present this year from Mr. Fantastic) and I made a batt:

The batt was split in two and then I stretched it to make the fibers nice a loosey-goosey:

Using a large knitting needle I wrapped the stretched batt around the needle and when it was wrapped once around the needle I broke it off from the batt... I rolled the section around the needle .... And

Viola! A rolag made from a batt.

I really can't describe how much fun I had during this entire process - makes me look like a real fiber geek, but I was giddy with this whole process. The entire basket took me.... ready? 2 days!
On Sunday afternoon I was feeling very clever and sat at my wheel to begin learning the English long draw method of spinning fiber. Long draw creates a lot of air in the yarn as you are spinning and you end up with a really squishy yarn....

EPIC FAIL..... total frustration (a few bad words), thrown rolags, and a shot of Captn' Morgan later...

I sat down to finish my designs that are due....


Chelsea Norquay said...

Thanks for the giggles that came from reading your post :) I have the same procrastination problem with designs...sigh.

Good luck finishing!!

Joyce said...

Love your post. You made me chuckle.

Haley said...

A girl after my own heart! Maybe we should start a Procrastinators Anonymous group? Maybe later :o)

Ellen Gormley said...

Uh, I'm with you on the Mid-Nov deadline. Maybe with all of us due at the same time, they won't notice that some of us are scrambling to finish? LOL

DragonMommie said...

Great idea, using the big needle. I've got to try that next time I get a chance.