Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Secret Project Done

I have been working on a secret project for a little over two weeks now and I am thrilled to say that she is done! Well, not really done because I still have to block her and write the pattern. I wish I could give you a little glimpse of what she is but I can't do that.... Wait! Here she is!

Sorry, I wish I could show you more! I have two sketches to send off this afternoon, so I have to get going, it's finally a swimming beach day (hurricane Bill did not let us swim the whole weekend!)


Estella said...

Ooooo...can't wait to see it! Nothing like a good soak for a secret project. Just blocked my Wisp and will post as soon as she's dry. Loved having your #1 son at the beach today - lots of smiles and fun.

Doris said...

Funny, Kimberly. You know, I have lots of designs that look EXACTLY like this! :-)