Wednesday, August 12, 2009

She Works Hard for the Money

Chain Link was an incredible experience (again!). This year I was a little bit more involved in the behind the scenes, something that I found I LOVED! Last year I signed up to be on the Professional Development Day of the conference and I really enjoyed the behind the scenes. Tammy Hildebrand, Marty Miller, Drew Emborsky, Amy Shelton, Doris Chan, all pulled together by the incredible Robyn Chachula  (are you impressed yet? If not, google a few of those names..... I was in Designer Hog heaven I tell you!) put on a great day for aspiring Designers, contract crocheters, future yarn shop owners, and many more! The day was long and my feet were killing me (my shoes Rocked, though) but I had a great time. 

I got to hob nob with the biggies of the industry, and I loved every second of it. Pictured above are Me, Vashti Braha, and Marty Miller:  we are in the "office" after hours...... we are switching crochet garments and Drew is taking pictures of us (note to self: never leave camera alone with Drew - I have some crazy photos!)

I came home from this conference with a lot of design work ahead of me..... I am thrilled! I have a knit deadline coming up August 31st...I have made all of my swatches and started the numbers part. Today I get to cast on...... the yarn is Decadent Fibers Marshmallow, and knit up it really feels closer to cashmere than wool. The colorway is going to be called Honey Butter, Mmmmm I need some tea and toast for breakfast! I love this work!!!

I don't love this work though!


Katherine said...

You look "smokin'"!!!

Estella said...

You are working that wonderful outfit! Love that you are barefoot too.

Missed you at S&B last night. Small group which was quiet but productive.

Doris said...

Wait until images of Kimberly modeling the Renee Barnes boob gown (Design Contest Grand Prize winner) begin to appear. Talk about smokin'! :-)

Nancy said...

Do you want the honors of posting the pics Doris is talking about, or should I do it for you? mwa-hahaha! lol

Charles (Stitchstud) said...

It was fun to hobnob with you, miss designer extraordinaire and co-organizer of a most excellent PDD!