Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I went to Jared!

As in Jared Flood aka Brooklyntweed, not that annoying jewelry store!! Well, I'm sure the jewelry store is not annoying.... but the commercials on TV are super annoying. I walked into the store rockin' my new Quincy hat (available in Jared's new book) and I wore a skein of Malabrigo as a scarf. Turns out, people loved the skein of yarn for a scarf thing!

Anyway, on Saturday my LYS Knitknack had a book signing and on Sunday Jared taught classes (which I heard were amazing!) Can we all stop at look at how CUTE he is!!! Holy cow and he was so nice and just a regular guy. When I walked into the shop, he was sitting behind a table and there was a lull in the action. The shop was quiet and he look at me and said, "Hi, I'm Jared." Yeah, no duh! So in my most casual, not starstruck what-so-ever voice, I said, "Hello, if I weren't' happily married would you run away with me so we could live on a farm with sheep and knit all day long? my name is Kimberly"

Look at what Meera (LYS owner extraordinaire!!) is wearing! It's the newly competed (did I mention no one is getting handmade gifts from me this year?) Moss Fern Wrap in a larger weight yarn.... Doesn't she look pretty??? Cool thing about it is that it only takes 1/2 of the ginormous skein, so if I were making holiday gifts this year I could make 2 from 1 skein!!! Hop on over to Ravelry (I'm fiberlover) and check out the specifics I did modify the numbers for this one - it took 2 days to make and 1 to block and dry. Great, great last minute gift - well, not really a minute... more like frantic crocheting for hours and hours... but you get my drift!

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Estella said...

What a wonderful event! Loved your bit about introducing yourself. As for the skein around your neck, BRILLIANT!