Monday, June 6, 2011


Michelle is my sister in law. We live in the same town. We get together for Sunday dinner during the school year and today..... today is her Birthday.

I've been told that I have never done a blog post about her for her birthday, so here you go Michelle (count this as your card too!)

Michelle has a love of yarn.....'nuf said.
Michelle has the softest skin of any woman I have felt (in a totally non creepy sort of way)
Michelle has a 20 year old daughter!
Michelle was in my wedding.
Michelle is a kickin' cook.
Michelle can wield an iron like the cleaners - it's an art really.
Michelle loves my children.
Michelle is married to my husband's brother.

Michelle lives at the beach in the summer.
Michelle is one of my easiest people to buy a present for.
Michelle is really pretty.

Happy Birthday Michelle...I love you!

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Estella said...

Okay, now I'm bumming I haven't met Michelle! You had me at "Michelle has a love of yarn". Hope she has a great bday.