Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hurricane Irene

During Hurricane Irene - I was ready for no power, flooding, and downed trees. I have never been that scared in my life. Seriously. We were so lucky during the storm. We never lost power, had my parents and my brother and sil here with us and it turned out to be... well... fun?

Before the storm it was beautiful and Marin and I decided that we would prepare some fiber so I could comb it during the power outages.

Here is the raw fleece:

Now, this fleece this is a Teeswater fleece is from Namaste Farms and my friend Natalie is the coolest chick I know. She sells her fleeces on Facebook. They go real fast, so go over and friend her and keep looking to see when she sells. Her fleeces are clean, long, long, long wools and spectacular.

Next we washed it. We wash it first with Dawn dish washing liquid and then we use a product called Unicorn pour scour... order it from Here. Really. It's that amazing. Look what the fleece
looks like after it is washed!

That is his George Washington impersonation!Here is my brother helping out and is fascinated with combing (he was so good at it!)
His little nest ready for spinning.

After it was spun, I took this picture of it with one of Natalie's yarns available over at Yarnmarket. I am in the process of knitting something with them now and hopefully will have it done soon. This project is currently my snuggle with Marin while she is going to sleep project. These projects are so special to me because sitting with her while she falls asleep has become one of my favorite things.... one day she won't want me there, so I am savouring all the snuggle time I can!