Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Crafty Knitter

Yesterday was my niece's 9TH birthday. On Saturday we went to her house to celebrate. She showed me her current knitting project for her baby sister... it's a scarf - I love it!

What I really loved was she made me a necklace for my birthday AND she lent her knitting needles to her younger sister, so she used pencils as her 'knitters'.....

Crafty and Brilliant!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Real Quick

Real quick post this morning... I am super busy and under the gun to have 2 designs completed by Thursday. Both designs are knit and my friend Natalie will be wearing them this weekend to Vogue Knitting Live in Los Angeles this weekend....

Last night I went to bed real late (actually it was this morning) and I left my current project on the couch. This morning this is what I found....

Looks like Otis loves Namaste Farms yarn also!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Moss Fern Wrap

Look what made the Crochetme newsletter!! My Moss Fern Wrap From Interweave Crochet. This shawl is an easy pattern repeat and does not take forever to finish.

This morning it was 48 degrees when my children left for school - a wrap is perfect for this fall weather.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dying for Fall

Well, I have been in a dying frenzy for the past two days. I have to say that I was a bit nervous when I started dying and I am getting used to the whole thing, but I LOVE it!

Monday I started with 1lb of the Cormo. I washed it and dyed it with Jacquard dyes. I mixed two colors together and I like the results. It's almost dry and I can't stop touching it!

Tuesday I washed 2lbs of Cormo and I tried a different dye this time... WOW!!! I tried 2 colors again. As I put the first dye in (called chili pepper) I noticed little specs of blue on the while fiber... hmmm. So then I put in a little bit of yellow. I mixed and mixed and looking at the fleece, it looked a beautiful red.... but if you looked at the dye bath... the color was a gorgeous blue.... so I added a little bit more yellow (thinking blue and yellow make green) and added a bit more wet fleece to it.... THIS is the result!! Fantastic!!

It looks like Fall around here!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Garden State Sheep Festival

This weekend Marin and I (along with our neighbors) went to the Garden State Sheep Festival in Ringoes NJ.

It was a fun day! There was face Painting....


Sheep of all sorts of breeds. This sheep is a Cormo sheep....

And this.....

11 pounds of fiber (cormo) that I scored at the sale! I was so excited and happy I felt like a kid in a candy shop (the human kind, not the baby goat kind)! I walked around with this huge bag of fiber for a bit and was stopped along the way by other fiber lovers. I gave some away, I let people touch it, it was great.... But the the best part was this.... the Cormo sheep and fleece that I bought was from a young 4-H boy. I almost cried!

Today I am working, working on new designs and finishing up some old ones. I am also going to wash up some of that new fiber.... I am so excited!

Look at that crimp... SQUEEE!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hurricane Irene

During Hurricane Irene - I was ready for no power, flooding, and downed trees. I have never been that scared in my life. Seriously. We were so lucky during the storm. We never lost power, had my parents and my brother and sil here with us and it turned out to be... well... fun?

Before the storm it was beautiful and Marin and I decided that we would prepare some fiber so I could comb it during the power outages.

Here is the raw fleece:

Now, this fleece this is a Teeswater fleece is from Namaste Farms and my friend Natalie is the coolest chick I know. She sells her fleeces on Facebook. They go real fast, so go over and friend her and keep looking to see when she sells. Her fleeces are clean, long, long, long wools and spectacular.

Next we washed it. We wash it first with Dawn dish washing liquid and then we use a product called Unicorn pour scour... order it from Here. Really. It's that amazing. Look what the fleece
looks like after it is washed!

That is his George Washington impersonation!Here is my brother helping out and is fascinated with combing (he was so good at it!)
His little nest ready for spinning.

After it was spun, I took this picture of it with one of Natalie's yarns available over at Yarnmarket. I am in the process of knitting something with them now and hopefully will have it done soon. This project is currently my snuggle with Marin while she is going to sleep project. These projects are so special to me because sitting with her while she falls asleep has become one of my favorite things.... one day she won't want me there, so I am savouring all the snuggle time I can!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

And They're Off!!

What a craptastically rainy day to send off my babies! Here they are:

7th Grade:

5th Grade:

2nd Grade:

Guess who was SO excited for the start of school that he couldn't sleep last night???

OTIS..... he is napping now - it sure was a busy morning!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Crochet, Recycle, Reuse!

What could be so important to get me out of summer hiatus blogging?? My friend Marty Miller asked if I would be on the blog tour of her latest booklet Totes for All Reasons from Leisure Arts:

Let me tell you, it was hard for me to decided which to make first! What I love about the book is that Marty made each design in the book twice, once in easy to find yarn (from big stores such as Michaels, ACMOORE, etc) but then she made the same design in yarn shop yarn....BRILLIANT!!

We all have those reusable bags that we buy at the grocery store... but how many times have you run into the store for a few things and realize at check out that you've left the bags in your car? That drives me crazy!! What I love about these bags is you can roll them up (besides the felted one) like a pair of socks and put a few in your pocketbook.... they don't take up too much space and will always be there when you need them! I have even given one away to a lady in CVS who gushed over it so much (I think I converted another to pick up the hook again!)

So, my dear friends, in the last waining days of summer I suggest you get this book and make a ton of these bags, they will be perfect gifts for the holiday season - and with school and holidays right around the corner... you are going to be doing a TON of shopping... might as well look sassy while doing it!!

For the rest of the blog tour please visit these sites:

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