Monday, August 4, 2008

"Let's go to the beach, MOM!!!"

I have to say, I love the beach. I love the sound, I love the sand and I most especially love to sit on my butt and crochet or knit.  Son #1 has been constantly nagging me first thing in the morning until about 11:30 (when we finally make it to the beach) to hurry up and get ready to go, I really didn't think much of it - I just thought he had the same love of the beach as I do - Yeah, I was WRONG. It seems that Son #1 has his first summertime crush! Are you kidding me??!! Isn't he supposed to still be playing with Thomas the train, or OK ,he is almost 10  - GI Joe then? Holy Cow, I am NOT ready for this. 

I give you my first (of many this summer I tell you) photos taken on the sly:

Do you see? Can you see his face? I am aging as I type! The girl in question is being stomped on by her friend while the other is doing some preteen gorilla dance (is there a new craze I haven't heard of yet?) I remember that smile, I remember wanting to play it cool - It wasn't that long ago, was it? He is going into 4th grade (granted he is almost a full year older than most of the kids in his class - but 4th grade!)

I need to show you projects - that will keep my mind clear. Here is a project that I started in January! I was part of a test knit group for Annie Modesitt and I did as much as I could, made my comments about the pattern and had to put it away because things came up. I love the pattern *and the yarn. The yarn is Colinette Iona in the colorway Velvet leaf. I love the construction of the sweater (it is started at the sleeve and knit to the other sleeve, seamed and then ribbed at the bottom - LOVE IT) I can't wait to finish it.

Here is the crochet project I am working on - it is the felted purse project for my buddy Miki - I hope to have this done soon! 

It is now 11:30, you know, the golden hour - I am getting ready to go to the beach - do you think this look will embarrass him?

Good! I'm going to pack the GI Joe in my beach bag just in case! Next up, my new  CGOA mentor!!

* I am very sorry, but I can't seem to make the link go to Annie's patterns page. The pattern I am referring to is the Sideways Spencer Redux.

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