Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Look Mom, Two Patterns!!!

This week I received my mail and was thrilled to open 2 projects where I have 2 designs. It is such a great feeling to see your work in professional printed form. It is just a bonus that I am here with my parents and they got to see them too (of course my mom thinks designers should get more than one copy - she needs them to show her friends!)

The first is one of my favorite crochet fashion pieces for NY yarns. I blogged about it here. It is so cool to see it. I have looked on the NY yarns website and they haven't updated yet, I'm sure they will soon!

The second one is an afghan I did for Coats & Clark in the Spring, it is a great afghan to make, it is really easy, but looks difficult. I am thinking of making one for our house in 2 different colors of white.

One thing I did for my crochet career this year is join the CGOA. I am thrilled with the help you can receive on the website and there are a lot of opportunities available to you. One of these opportunities is the mentor program. The program is designed to help further your career in any way you want. A mentor is there to help. The mentor coordinator is the very talented Tammy Hildebrand. Want to see what she looks like?

 Here she is (in the purple) with me and Carol Alexander - yes, THE Carol Alexander (if you don't know who she is, Google her, she is an amazing crocheter and is the editor of Crochet! magazine) I had the opportunity at Chain Link to sit with Carol for dinner one night. I thought I would be too nervous to eat, but, I wasn't!!! She is a very nice woman and very down to earth and real. I guess everyone is... Tammy is a great person, very easy to talk to and at that dinner I was talking about, ordered a brownie sundae - for dinner!! Cool man, way cool. I look forward to finding out who my mentor is (it can take some time to get your mentor, so be patient) and learning some new info about the biz!


tammystreasures said...

What happens in Manchester - stays in Manchester! You aren't supposed to tell the world that I was eating brownie sundaes for dinner. LOL! Tonight it will be a carrot stick and a stalk of celery. Congratulations on your publications!!!

milly said...

Awesome job Kimberly!

milly said...

An update would be nice, I'm sure your fingers were busy in Bay Head!