Friday, November 14, 2008


So.... it's been awhile, huh? Well I am not going to make excuses, dudes life happens - and mine has been crazy with a capital C! Last night the crew and I were watching Survivor (PS I do mourn the elimination of Marcus - he was hot) and I was knitting because, you know, I have a crochet deadline! Anyway, Dumplin said to me, "Mom, don't you wish you were an Octopus?" I looked at her kind of crazy and said, "Why?" "Weeelll, then you could like fold laundry and knit and crochet all at the same time!"

I do like her thinking!!

I have been working like a Mad woman, but I have nothing to show for it. I was thinking of taking a picture of my knitting/crochet chair without all of the boxes, but it's too dark now and that's kind of boring. I have been working on Morgan from Knitty. I love it. I am making it in a blue color and I will be making another in brown tweed to match my winter coat. I am just waiting for the right tweed to jump out at me!

I am thinking of a new design - it is going to be in Malabrigo in black to go with my new black boots I got today, because.... you know, I needed to shop instead of writing the patterns I have deadlines for!!

I leave you with pictures of my sister's surprise 40th birthday because, well.... I miss her and she emailed me telling me to update my blog, so here you go Katherine! 

PS sorry mom but the happy gaping mouth expression was too funny not to make the blog!

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Katherine said...

I'm starting weight watchers...again...