Monday, November 24, 2008

Welcome to the Family!!!

On Friday we had spectacular news!!!! My brother Gus and his girlfriend Jenni (the aunt of the most adorable baby M from 2 posts below!) Got Engaged!!!

I kept looking for pictures of Jenni alone, but every picture I found she is either with my brother or with one of my children. That to me speaks volumes about the kind of person my baby brother is going to marry. My children ADORE her and my brother is over the moon in love..... I couldn't be any happier to have Jenni as my sister-in-law. Jenni is a kind, patient, funny and beautiful girl in every way, she lets my brother be himself and loves every bit of him. I wish you many years of love and laughter..... Welcome, welcome Jenni - we already love you!


Katherine said...

Yeah!! Welcome to the family Jenni!

Jennifer said...

haha..Love the pics!! Thanks Kimberly!!!!