Wednesday, February 11, 2009

No Love for St. Valentine

If I had to get rid of one Holiday on the calendar it would be Valentines Day. It's not that I don't like Valentines day, it's just the WORK that goes into it. My children always want to MAKE their Valentines, and while it is nice (it's important to keep the crafty gene going) the process of making the Valentines is, in a word: Torture. They did turn out lovely, though!

I stress about the cards, whom do I send one to? Will someone feel bad if they don't get one? How about the preteen and teen and let's face it adult years when you didn't have a Valentine to give? That day stunk many times for me.... how many Valentines Days did you think you were getting engaged, only to feel the crushing blow that evening when you got flowers (that will die) and chocolate (that will make you fat, or break out, or in my case... both)! This year I asked Mr. Fantastic to not get me anything, no card, no gift, nothing..... if he does, then I get to feel guilt (because I am not getting him anything), nice... add that to the list of reasons why I don't really care for the holiday.

OK enough of that, I do have some knitting I can show you! This is going to be for my niece that we are going to see this weekend. I started it on Saturday, made a huge mistake that I noticed at 5:00 yesterday, and started again last night. We shall she if I get it done in time!


Estella said...

The beauty of having your kids in middle school is NO Valentines Cards! They drive me crazy too. However, Miss America has a crush and he gave her a card yesterday (no school at the end of this week and he's going out of town hence an early card)...that's almost scarier for me.

Love the sweater color - are you making something from Custom Knits which is under the skein? Looks like slinky ribs a bit to me...I'm working on that right now.

janice said...

I just discovered KnitKnack and your crochet designs. If you are the creator of the yellow number in the window puleeze write up that pattern. I did not find your Impression pattern while I was there but I will email. I simply adore that shop. She has the best yarn taste of all NJ LYS.

Kimberly said...

Dear Janice-

I am working on it... I promise! I am fiberlover on Ravelry, send me a note and we can chat there. I agree KnitKnack is an AMAZING yarn shop!