Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Note To A Fan, OK My Sister!

Dear Katherine-

How are you? I am doing OK, not as good as yesterday when we spoke on the phone. I hope you are having a good day at work, here is the latest since we spoke (yesterday afternoon, when you asked me to update my blog)

Dinner was fantastic! I made soft tacos for the family and I made myself chicken chili with tomatilloes and it was sooooo good. I will send you the recipe for the chicken chili if you want (it takes about 1/2 hour to make from start to finish - easy)

After dinner I made myself a decaf latte in my rockin' new (well Christmas) espresso machine. We were getting ready to watch American Idol and I was looking forward to spending some crochet time on the couch when Son #2 informed me that he wasn't feeling well. We (that would be Son#2 and me) spent the next hour listening to American Idol while he was throwing up the tacos (not a good smell). I then started to relax as he fell asleep on the couch everyone was asleep at Chez Fantastic and I started a crochet shawl for my friend. I almost went to sleep; I was finishing that last row, when my poor little guy got sick again - this time in his sleep, all over the couch the blankets and himself. Fast forward 3 more hours 2 loads of laundry 4 very long crochet rows.... I finally hit the sheets.

I am tired, I am cranky and I cannot think of anything funny, witty, or clever to say. All I can say is I am so glad I got to go to my LYS and got some Fiber Love yesterday afternoon! Here is what I bought.
It is such a great yarn and I am going to make this. (Ravelry link) I bought enough so I can make a matching one for Dumplin'. I am going to take a nap now!

Love You, talk to you later this afternoon-


PS In the back of the first picture you can see that I am almost finished with Kelly's Dress..... it is going to ROCK! I will post pictures after it is blocked.

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Katherine said...

Oh hooray for me! I love reading your blog and today I am the recipient! I would love the recipe. So sorry to hear about Graham, hope it doesn't spread throughout the house. You didn't miss anything on Idol. The girls are really creepy this year! Alexis was good though!

Love ya!