Friday, April 3, 2009

The Bunny Brunch

Today was the Bunny Brunch at Dumplin's school - my last one...... wait I need a tissue. Ok, so earlier this week I started the February Lady sweater for Dumplin so we could be matchy-matchy this Easter, and she was really excited for it. On Tuesday or Wednesday, we went dress shopping for Easter. This was incredibly easy and we found 2 (yes, 2) of THE PERFECT dresses for Easter. Since they were purchased at Target, I figured 2 was fine.... the only problem...... there was not a speck of yellow on the dresses. Duplin and I talked it over, you know about the color issue as we were searching for shoes (4 stores, yes 4 stores to find the perfect clip clop shoes!)

I told her that a yellow sweater would still be very pretty and we could put a yellow bow in her hair to tie it all together..... nope, Mom she says to me, I KNOW there is the perfect color green in your knitting cabinet; I've seen it in there. When we got home from shopping off to the yarn cabinet to look, and lo and behold.... the perfect color green (I know, shocking that there was green in there, right!?) Did I say out loud that this was on Wednesday and the Bunny Brunch was today??

I cast on this sweater at 3:00 yesterday afternoon waiting in the car for the boys. By 8:30 I was casting off the armholes, and by Midnight I had 4 repeats of the lace done. This morning at 6:45 I began to finish the last 4 repeats of the lace and cast off at 10:34 am. Gave her a little steam.... and here she is!! Oh, I also went to the pediatrician (son #1 has strep - nice).
The pattern is Juliet and the yarn is from Cascade called Venezia in color #125. I love it! Since the pattern calls for 3.5 sts to the inch and I was getting 4.5 sts to inch (on a size 8 needle) I worked the same pattern instructions for the XS and came out with the perfect size.

All that's left is to add the buttons - I didn't have time for that!


Katherine said...

Thank god you didn't get a tom boy! Beautiful sweater and it goes perfectly with the dress. We both work great under pressure!

Kimberly said...

Isn't that the truth Katherine.... it must be inherited; remember when Mommy used to make our cupcakes for school the morning of!

Estella said...

I love it! Dumplin looks precious and she's so right - the color is perfect.