Monday, March 30, 2009

The Self Google

I admit it, I Googled myself today..... and look what I found! I knew this wrap was going to be a free pattern, but I never saw the professional picture of it... it is super spectacular to see your work on a professional model, done by a professional photographer! 

This wrap would be great in whatever yarn you choose, if fact, I think I am going to do it in Spring color to wear in a wool/silk blend.

The reason why I googled myself is that I was asked by our local library to come and speak about my design life and crochet, and to give some tips about the craft. I was honored to be asked. A few hours later, the woman that runs the knit/crochet group at the library called and told me that she googled me and would like to buy a pattern book I was in and how to do that... etc.

 Dude..... someone else Googled me, I'm Googleable!!!!!!(I guess I should get out of my pajamas now and finish up some housework-you know come back to earth and live my normal life)


Rose said...

Congratulations! I think I'll have to put your wrap in my Ravelry queue. :)

Katherine said...

That is just awesome!