Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ribbon Candy Shawl

I have been working on a lot of crochet designs..... and let me tell you I am tired! I have been working on a new shawl design for the Decadent Divas of decadentfibers and tonight I have finally put the finishing touches on the pattern. I had a little bit of a problem because I always photograph my work in my house and as everyone knows I am at the beach for the summer. I really needed to get the latest shawl photographed, so I went into a little shop in town today and asked if i could use theirs. While I was there I found the PERFECT shoes to wear with the shawl at Chain Link next week........BONUS!!!
Here she is.... the Ribbon Candy Shawl named for the silk chenille edging that reminds me of ribbon candy. The shawl is made of 3 skeins of the newest sock yarn from the Decadent Divas and 1 skein of the silk chenille. Kits will be sold at the conference next week.
This past weekend we had a great visitor that made us laugh all day.... here he is at the dinner table.... priceless!


Estella said...

Okay, it cracks me up that your dress form is down at the shore with you! Too great. The shawl is perfect - I should come over and get the hot designer to model it for her blog - my new camera would do you both justice! :)

crabby knitter said...

Love the finished product!! Miss you