Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Dearest Katherine (my sister)-

Thank you for your email requesting I update my blog. Really, I love to see that you are clicking on My Button Jar everyday! I am so sorry I haven't updated in a week... I was doing some design work today when I received your email and I wanted to post a picture of you on the blog real quick.... but I haven't downloaded all of my pictures from when you came to visit. Lucky you! Anyway the other day, Mom and I were in town shopping with my 3 cherubs and we met one of Mommy's friends. She had with her two of her grandchildren. Guess what?! She has 3 grandchildren... and they have the same names as my children! Weird.... right!

I snapped a photo of them all and I was pleased to figure out that my children are older, and I named them first!

Love you-



Katherine said...

Wow that is bizarre!! Especially since they are not common names. I think they copied you.

Estella said...

Now I'm curious as to who your mom's friend is!?

We're back in town and can't wait to catch up. Have a houseful so a walk won't work until next week but we'll plan something soon. I'm really hoping for some beach weather.

Katherine said...

I think the mother wants to be you!!!