Friday, January 8, 2010

Love Actually

It all started on the train.... my friend was on the train with her friend and a man on the train from the mere sight of her.... knew he had to know her. He was able to get her phone number (from my friend's friend) and a relationship was born.

Fast forward one and 1/2 years....

On Tuesday, Dumplin' and I went to their wedding. It was a simple, lovely, beautiful wedding and I was so pleased to be included.

Here is the bride... she borrowed my headpiece - I was so thrilled! My Christmas present to her is the shawl she is wearing.... can you guess the pattern?

It was a wonderfully romantic day!


Katherine said...

OMG that gave me the chills

Estella said...

What a lovely romantic story! The shawl looks fabulous on her!