Thursday, May 13, 2010

When Bobbie Comes (and PaPa too!)

When Bobbie comes....

Presents are given to good little children.

Hair is styled..

Otis gets his summer cut and blowout.

You find..... a "leaf umbrella" and twirl around in your new tu-tu! (points for those who know what that is!)

Little girls fall asleep in the most comfortable place to be.

Mommy doesn't do much knitting or crocheting.... but she laughs a lot!

PS my mother wore her coat the entire time she was here. The season is spring, but the temperature indoors and out feels much like late fall.


Joyce said...

Such a lovely post, very good pictures

Estella said...

Love the pics! Your mom is too great. I got the same skirt for my godsister's daughter - she slept in it the day I gave it to her. It's perfect for twirling. Can't wait to see you guys - summer is a-coming!