Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

This will be my third year writing my Mother's Day blog post. If you have been a follower of My Button Jar you already know that my mother and I are called "the twins", that she smells real good, that she LOVES hand knit socks and that she is one of the best present receivers out there.

This Mother's Day I thought I would share a few things that you don't know about my Mom.

She never wears skirts or dresses. The last time I saw my Mother wear a dress was my wedding (PS she rocked it!... She looked so beautiful)

She carries a Nantucket Lightship basket as a pocketbook and is known all over as "the lady that carries the basket"

She can sniff out the best things in an antique shop.

She stuck up for me in highschool when a friend of hers said that I attended a party where I was not supposed to be. This exchange occured at a soccar game in front of other parents (I was not there I was at the sleepover - where I was supposed to be) and my Mother never invited that woman to her house again. I have never forgotten that.....

She makes the BEST cupcakes on the planet.... we call them vitamins.

She is not a knitter/crocheter, but her mother was....

She is a fierce planner and her parties and events always go off without a glitch.... and if there is a glitch - the solution has been planned already (probably three ways to tell you the truth).

She has this unbelievable way of knowing exactly when I need her. She can tell everything that's going on with me by the way I answer the phone. It's almost eerie.

This Mother's Day I will be knitting socks for my Mother, on needles that were her Mother's and I will close my eyes, and smell her smell and I will be thankful, thankful that she's mine.


Barbara said...

What a wonderful tribute to your Mother! You are so fortunate to have a Mother like her.

Hugsxx and Happy Mother's Day!

Estella said...

You do have a wonderful mother! send her my love!

Are you in BH for Mem Day weekend???
We are!

Katherine said...

Nice to see the blog up and running.

Nice post and I miss you and mom.