Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Jars

Here are a few of my jars. My mother gave me a button jar for Christmas one year. It sat in my home for a while, then she gave me another and another. Now, I love to receive them. There is something that fascinates me about them. Maybe it is the fact that all those years ago, nothing was wasted! A person saved the buttons from a garment before throwing the garment away. How wasteful we seem today..... I love to look at all the buttons, see how many are matching (oddly enough it is usually 5 or 6) wonder who and what they belonged on. I think they look so pretty all mixed together. My mother remembers playing with her grandmother's button jar, and my children do as well, kind of amazing that something so simple can entertain for so long....

I forgot to give the link to one of my LYS where the pattern for the shawl will be available( I'm lucky enough to have 2 LYS!). It is www.knitknack.biz

I have 2 designs swimming in my brain right now. Tomorrow pictures of the yarn I would like to use!