Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thank You Arlene

Thank you Arlene for waiting almost a full 2 years for your sweater!
This is Arlene and her beautiful sweater:

I love the story of her sweater. About 2 years ago, I received a call from Arlene asking if I could help her finish a sweater that has taken years to complete. Obviously I said yes, and the next thing I know, Arlene is having some tea in my home with my children and we are chatting away about everything. A very easy person to like! Anyway, Arlene told me that her mother had the yarn and gave it to Arlene to see if she could make something with it. Well, Arlene didn't like the way the yarn split so her friend (I can't remember her name) finished the knitting part. When it came time to crochet the flowers, the pattern was European, so the crochet terms were a little different (dc in a European pattern is really our sc) so no one could make the flowers like in the picture, so I said I would crochet all 110 or so of them. Well, I couldn't do it, I paid my friend Diana to crochet the flowers, and I put them on the sweater.

Lots of hands to make one sweater - I think that is really cool.
Wear your sweater in good health, Arlene.

In other news, our home computer was taken over by two little boys hands and it crashed!!! I was without a computer for 3 days and it felt like 3 years! Thank goodness for the Geek Squad!

For Mother's Day I am foregoing my usual asking for something that sparkles, for a laptop of my OWN!


milly said...

nice caabinet

Addicted to Knitting said...
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Addicted to Knitting said...

Hi Kimberly love your blog..How r u longtime no see..