Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back to School

Well, here they are on their first days of school! Son #1 and #2 started last Thursday and Dumplin started today!!! I can not believe how the time is flying by me. Son #1 started 4th grade and #2 started 2nd. Dumplin is in her last year of pre-school. Son #1 got contacts this summer and also informed me that he needed deodorant - WHAT!! Does the maturity of your eyes coincide with the need for underarm refreshment? Who knew that a $3.99 bottle of Old Spice (picked out by him) could give a kid so much enjoyment! Not to mention the excellent source of jokes by me and in a pinch Mr. Fantastic can borrow the stick and I can use the saline if mine runs out - bonus!

I hope now that I have designated times where I know I will be alone I will learn to use my time wisely. I am so lacking in the time management department. I keep thinking that if I leave things alone, everything will get done and I will have all the time in the world to play with my family, design, and knit and crochet to my hearts content (I really wanted to write knit and crochet, first, but............ that's just wrong man!)

Time to go pick up the crew!

I just looked at my blog post and was clicking on the pictures of my adorable children all dressed up and ready for their first days, when I click on the pictures (to make them really big because they are so cute) I notice that #2 has a huge milk mustache (maybe he is the one that needed the deodorant) and Dumplin has peanut butter all over her face (Mr. Fantastic, I did wipe her face before school) What a SUPER mom I am - nice, glad to have that documented on film!


Estella said...

Okay the peanut butter on Dumplin's face is too great! Tell her I say hi and miss seeing her at the beach!

My #1 son uses old spice deodorant too! It makes me think of my grandfather who used Old Spice after shave...too funny.

Look forward to seeing your latest creations. Is Sideways Spencer done?

Miss you and miss the beach.

milly said...

Looking good-bot they are getting big fast. You should see Grady--he's taller than Mom!!