Friday, May 2, 2008

Olympic Top

I have received permission from NY Yarns to post about an upcoming pattern this Fall. It was a whirlwind project, but I love the results. I really think that I work better under pressure. I received an email from the company on Monday, I accepted the challenge and received the yarn on Wednesday. The pattern and sample were due the following Friday (I think). Pretty darn quick. I was lucky, though, NY Yarns and the staff at Tahki/Stacy Charles are wonderful to work with. I also was given a rockin' sketch which made things very easy for me.

The yarn is called Olympic and it is a wool/acrylic blend. It was super soft to work with and blocked like a dream. Doesn't the ribbing look knit? Nope, this baby is all crochet. I can't wait to make myself one! I even LOVED the color for the sample (notice how beautifully she matched my house!) The color on the band is 02. I'm not sure that will help, but I am sure it will be listed on the pattern. Speaking about the pattern, I have been told that the pattern book is called Olympic, Vol 2 (#NY-039). It will be available on their website August 1st
Wholesale the pattern books will be available the 2nd week in July with delivery in store within a week. I have been so excited about this sweater!! It feels good to show it to you!!

Today was a great day! I had such a great time teaching the Sprung class this morning. Everyone is doing great and the colors of the shawls are all so beautiful; I can't wait to see everyone's finished work. A special thank you to the class for rescheduling next week - I wouldn't want to miss the mother/daughter tea at Dumplin's (that is my mother's nickname for our daughter, she is almost 4) preschool. Tonight is the Spring Fling fund raiser for our elementary school. I made a Sprung to donate. Tonight I will see who wins it - too much fun.

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