Monday, March 16, 2009

February Lady in March

Well, it's beginning to look like Spring around here! Here are the crocus that popped up over the weekend.... they are so beautiful. I am done with the gray and I am ready for some sun and Springtime weather. 
To get ready for Spring, I have joined in with the thousands of people on Ravelry and I made myself a February Lady sweater. I had such a wonderful time making this sweater in the most luscious of yarns! The yarn is Fibre company's Terra and it is the loveliest stuff to touch!! I made the sweater in 6 days (my hands did start to cramp after all of that knitting on the 5th day) but the results are totally worth the pain! I am going to be wearing this a lot (and I bought enough yarn to make a matchy matchy one for Dumplin'!


Katherine said...

Oh that is beautiful. I love that one. I can totally picture myself, I mean, you in it!

Estella said...

It is lovely! I'm thinking I might have to make one this summer for fall...

Love the color too. I'm dying to wear lighter colors (no grey or black) but I need a little sunshine on my face. I feel so pale!