Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my Mother's birthday! She is sunnin' and funnin' with my Father in Florida..... I'm sure she is rockin' a serious tan by now! It is so great that my parents go to Florida in March (the entire month), but it is a little sad for me that I don't get to spend her birthday with her. When I told her that this Fall, she told me that she changed her birthday.... "You know how you get all those coupons in the mail when it is your birthday?" she said to me over lunch at Charlie Browns. "Well, I never get to use them because I am always in Florida, so I just tell everyone my birthday is May 13th. That way, I get to use all the great coupons and I am home." 

Yep. That's my Mom.

She is funny, pretty, funny, caring, funny, a serious planner, funny and smells real good.
Here she is on her last visit learning how to make, um flatulence noises from her armpit using a straw. Thanks to my boys, she got it after a few (and really funny) tries.
Yep. That's my Mom. I love my Mom!


Katherine said...

Happy Birthday to Mom! Kimberly you sure captured her spirit!


Estella said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! My mom's bday is March 7th. But what really cracks me up is her choosing May 13th as her coupon b-day. That is my b-day!

We were in BH today checking on the house. I'm itching for summer!

Miss you and can't wait for summer.