Friday, March 5, 2010

Lobito Jacket

Here is my latest pattern release from Caron yarns.... it was so much fun to design this sweater, I love the asymmetrical opening, and when I wear my version of this sweater, I wear my belt buckle on the side of my pants so that it is visible in the opening.

Two great things about this pattern are:

1. No seaming!!

2. Its FREE!!

Have a great weekend... I am hoping the Fantastic's come out of sick land (son #1 has strep now!)


Katherine said...

Very cool. I like the colors. Hope everyone is feeling better

Nancy said...

Love it!!!! Nice job and congrats!

ProjectPJs said...
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ProjectPJs said...

AHHH!!! I ADORE this sweater! I love the asymmetry. I think this may be my favorite thing you have designed!