Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lyon Circle Jacket

It is busy here getting ready for our up coming vacation, this morning I noticed the release of this new pattern from - it even made the newsletter! I really enjoyed making this.... it looks complicated, but is very quick to crochet. The sleeves have a bit of a fiddly part at the top - hold onto your hooks now - short row shaping!

I can't begin to describe the thrill when you are minding your own business doing the "self google" and bam! You find something new you have done, professionally photographed and looking spectacular (not to mention that pang of jealousy that you are not as thin as the model - or the fact that you had to have your 15 year old niece try on the sample to make sure all would lay right on a real body - if you call those real bodies.... whoops I am going off on a rant here, can you tell I have to get myself in a bathing suit in less than a week?!)

Fear not, ladies with real bodies.... I have one (body and circle jacket) and it looks great on any body type. Here is what I look like in mine - minus the sleeves. It's only a sneak peek, but you get the idea.

Many thanks to KJ Hay for tech editing the pattern and Kim Guzman for adding the pattern to Ravelry.


Joyce said...

Like that photo of you

tammystreasures said...

In case you weren't aware, it has been 26 days since your last blog post. I'm just saying.....