Friday, March 18, 2011

New Pattern

I just noticed this morning that a new pattern of mine is now available! I LOVED making this little girl's tunic this past summer, it was quick and fun to do. I hope you enjoy the pattern.... it's FREE! When I was making this for the little girls, I thought you know, I would make this for me without the flowers and ruffle bottom and make it a dress - with simply soft it wouldn't cost a fortune and would look really cute with leggings and boots (and easy to clean). Stay tuned, I may get on that soon!

Last night was St. Patricks Day and you would think with a last name like McAlindin (pronounced Mac a lindin) that this house would be smellin' like corned beef and cabbage, right?

NOPE!! Mr. Fantastic is not a fan (although I love it) so I made a first for us - a different type of "wet meat" Parppadelle with beef ragu.... it was fabulous. I used this recipe and while it takes a long time to make, it is so easy and well worth the effort. I also used packaged parppadelle because I had it in my pantry - but next time I am going to try to make it fresh. Speaking of fresh..... fresh baked crispy bread, holy cow it was so good and easy. Recipe here.

It wouldn't be St. Patricks Day without this!

Have a great weekend!
PS for all you followers of Otis, yes I did finish my deadline and I did not let the "miss fancy pants designer" comment slide.


Shannon said...

The bread looks great!! Glad you like the recipe!

ds said...

I didn't realize this was such a newly published pattern when I started it this week! I love it. What a cleverly constructed pattern with no seams. You know how much we love knitting and don't enjoy the seaming so much. Can't wait to crochet the flowers - now what colours to pick? Thank you for sharing this brilliant design!