Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring is Coming!

Howdy! Yes, I have been busy, nope, can't show you a darn thing! So sorry about that, but I do have some news (actually I have quite a lot since I have been blowin off the blog!) I am going to spread out my news over the week so I will for sure blog on Wed and Friday of this week.

First news is that another one of my designs is in Interweave crochet this month! It is called the Freesia Pullover and I loved making this. It is done in herringbone crochet... all in one piece from sleeve to sleeve and then the ribbing is added after.

This design is written up to size 52" bust, and the directions for the larger sizes are a bit different with shorter ribbing around the middle and more herringbone in that so-cool slenderizing vertical line.

For a sneak peak at the rest of the designs in this issue, click HERE.

See you Wednesday!

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