Monday, April 2, 2012

April is getting busy!!

Let's just forget that I totally blew off January, February and March... K?

In November I ordered one of these:
It is a rigid heddle loom and I love it! I have been playing with it for a while and I am really enjoying yet another way of making fabric. My favorite thing I have made so far is a shawl that I gave to our Niece for her bridal shower..

It is a taupe silk from England and after a few mis-starts (is that a word?) we became great friends and I completed the shawl in 3 days.... yes, 3 days... Can I get a Whoot for a quick beautiful project?!

I found this wonderful contraption on Etsy (love that place) made by a fellow rigid-header.... it is genius! It allows for easier weft passage of your yarn for wider width projects AND you fill the bobbin like a boat shuttle. I love it!


Ellen Gormley said...

Wow! That is beautiful!

Kimberly said...

OH Ellen... you are going to want to get one of these!!! Huge stash buster AND you have a quick gift... Perfect!!

Haley said...

Sooooo gorgeous! Nice work! I love new toys :o)