Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Diamond in the Rough

A few months ago my friend Monica asked on Ravelry if anyone was interested in Rambouillet fleece. It turns out that she got herself a couple hundred pounds of the stuff! So, what does any fiber obsessed friend do?

I ordered 10lbs of it.... yes 10 pounds.

When I opened the box I have to say that I was pretty nervous about this commercial flock. I'd bought it sight unseen - well she did show a picture of the sheep grazing and she did wash up a tuft and show everyone. When I opened the box? It was full of sandy fine DIRT... and I mean dirt. Did I mention it was dirty?

I separated a few locks and decided to do a wash test... What was I thinking buying 10lbs!!!

Shown here is a sample of of the separated locks that weighs 3oz

I carefully place the locks into a very hot water bath with a few squirts of Power Scour and waited 30 min... I did not touch them... I was afraid that the fiber would felt. After the bath, I gently placed the fiber in my colander and rinsed with very hot water using my sprayer thing-y.

When it was dry... Oh dear friends... when it was dry?
Washed, the sample weighed 1 3/4 oz.... that's a lot of heavy dirt!

Look at the beautiful WHITE fiber!!! It is so light and squishy and it is going to make next to the skin soft beautiful yarn.....a true diamond in the rough.

I can't believe I only ordered 10lbs!


JacBer said...

Looks gorgeous!

Bibbi said...

I wish Sweden was next door. Lucky you.