Friday, September 12, 2008

Dance Mother I am Not!

Well, yesterday was Dumplin's first ballet and tap lesson. She has been very excited to go and I have been very excited as well. I even thought I was ahead of the game when the supplies she needed to have for the lessen were purchased well in advance (on Tuesday). I purchased the leotard, tights, ballet shoes, and tap shoes (I also had to purchase socks at the store to try said items on because she was wearing flip-flops). I was ahead of game, I was ready to be a great dance student mom....... until the first lesson.

We arrived at the studio 5 min before the lesson. Again I am singing my praises, I am not late, the boys are home doing their homework all is right with the world - until I open the door. Now, my friends I am a soccer, baseball, touch football kind of mom - I like to sit outside or in my car and knit or crochet. I was unprepared for the mayhem that was going on in the room. I had to get Dumplin in her ballet shoes in the space that was the size of a shoebox - for the record I know my underwear was showing to all behind me and I apologize, but as I have said, I was unprepared. Anyway, after the little girls line up with their tap shoes and march into the dance room, we mothers were left on our own. Many, many mothers (with other children in tow) had their video cameras, or cameras with 13 difference lenses to capture this beautiful moment of their daughters dancing careers. I found myself in the back of the room, not really being able to see, but to be honest, not really caring (I have a design due in a week). Next to me was another mother, feeling equally bad that she did not have a camera. Our conversation went something like this:
Mother: Hi, what number child is this for you?
Me: Number 3, you?
Mother: Yep, me too. First girl?
Me: Yep, I feel bad my daughter doesn't have a tutu like the other girls, I bought everything that was on the list - I never thought of a dance bag for the tap shoes (and let me tell you, I know that girls are judged by the others by the size of their tutus and how cool their dance bag is! Don't worry, I'm on it!)
Mother: Mine either, ask me anything about soccer, but dance.....
Me: I hear ya, my kid is the one that walked in with her tap shoes in the shoe box!

At least their wasn't peanut butter on her face!

In knitting news, here is the sweater I designed in Frog Tree merino. I love this thing and I can't wait to check the pattern by making another one - the yarn is already on order. I can picture wearing this in the winter when you are hanging out on a Sunday or Saturday, or really whenever. When I was making it on the beach, I had to try it on for people who were curious. I did, of course, in my bathing suit and the wool is so soft it didn't even scratch.

The design is a mixture of Barbara Walker, Elizabeth Zimmermann, and me! Knit from the top down with no seams (well, phony ones thanks to EZ) when you finish the last stitch you can basically wear it! The yarn is single ply so you can spit splice it (no ends to weave in!) and you can try it on as you go for the perfect fit! Class will be offered after the holidays at Knit knack.
Enjoy your day - I'm off to find a spectacular dance bag!!!


milly said...

From someone who is most definitly a dance Mom you described it perfectly. Chaos and mayhem, (And just for the record it's spelled tutu) Love Ya

Estella said...

Love the story and I love the picture of Dumplin. I would have felt grumpy too for not being able to knit.

BTW that sweater rocks! Need a test knitter? I'll pay for the yarn if you can get me your discount. :)

crabby knitter said...

First of all darling, as the mother of the best dancer in said school, the tutu girls are there to stare at themselves in the everywhere you look massive mirrors! A tasteful skirt is what best dancer in said school used to wear (which have all been given away). The dance bag is a necessary commodity (I see lovely knitted design in your future!) As for the room - beyond brutal - once the doors shut - beat a path back to your comfy chair and be back when the doors open. Also, greek salad from next door makes a tasty dinner in a pinch. My chicken looked beautiful and I am sure teachers of best (typoed beast!) dancer in the school will want to eat her up!