Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Olives in my pocket

Look who came to live with us!!! Model body type and measurement, so my finished garments fit the model's properly!!! I love her (well I secretly hate her because I want her measurements, but I'll fake it so she feels welcome!)

I found these really cool kits at the Manchester show in July and I am about to make a really cute pin later today......... you will see it on Friday's post. The company is called Decadent Fibers and they have the greatest stuff. Go check out the website. The kit I have here is for needle felting (I also have a pumpkin one) and it is really fun to do. More on Friday!

Yesterday I was doing the laundry ( I know, shocker) as I was placing the washed clothes into the dryer, something funky fell on the floor. Now, I have washed many things, but this little piece of black something had me stumped. I didn't want to smell it, but my curiosity got the best of me. What I found was an olive, well half of an olive - the other half made itself known to me a few pieces of clothes later in Son #2's pocket. I remembered at that instant Sunday dinner there were olives and I said to son #2, just try one - you might like it............ I guess he didn't like it! Instead of trying it and letting me know that he didn't like it, he chose to stick it in his pocket and not discuss it....... I can't be angry with him because I am doing the same thing..... my best friend is moving to Florida, in like 2 weeks. Instead of being around her as much as I can and enjoying the last bits of time we have together........... I am sticking the whole situation in my pocket. Lee, have a happy, wonderful life in Florida..........I will miss you!

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Leonor said...

I finally made your blog...I'm honored. I wish it was because I finally finished that project I started months ago and not because I'm leaving for a new life in Florida. I don't want to think about the whole situation either but unfortunately its happening very soon. I'm going to miss you too my friend. We have to plan a trip before I leave so I have something to look forward to.