Friday, September 26, 2008

It's Raining, It's Pouring......

My old man should be snoring!! Poor Mr. Fantastic, he had a very late night last night! It is so awful to have to go to work in the pouring rain, I even got up and drove him to the train this morning, poor fella'.

I was so excited to use this morning to finish test crocheting a pattern I wrote for Coats&Clark.... Last night I was ready to finish seaming and start the sleeves, when I looked at the piece on my dress form to check the color variations on the yarn, and I didn't like how the two sides were so different. I figured I would leave it for the morning to see if the color differences were really bothering me, and I would frog one side to try to match the color better. I pinned her up and noticed something..... I liked the way I pinned it, and I could design a completely different sweater with the same pieces as the one I just finished! Bonus! I do have to rip the one side to make more buttonholes, but sweet! the yarn is Sheep Shop and feels so nice! I will be able to show this one completed, because the pattern will be totally different than the one I just sent to Coats! Here she is up on my dress form:So, I was pumped... I have all morning to crochet one side, seam it up and put on sleeves. I am waiting for a couch delivery, so all is good. I went to reheat my coffee in the microwave and what do I see?
Yep, it's Son #2's lunch (my kid is the only one in the whole bloomin' school who doesn't like pizza!) back out into the pouring rain to deliver his lunch!

This weekend we will be hosting my best friend's family for dinner - she is moving to Florida on Sunday.... please think good thoughts for them as they embark on this new stage in their lives....


Estella said...

Bummer on the lunch - boy was it ever pouring here this morning.

Love the yarn you're working with. Next summer you have to teach me to crochet...on the beach of course! :)

Have a great weekend.

j said...

kimberly, i cant believe how organized you are, it was just this afternoon that i saw you pin this girl on the form and show meera and me where they left the blue out of the dye lot...and its up on your blog...g/f where do you find the time? anyway tonite i finished the front of my first garment, and am eagerly awaiting your class on 16 october.