Monday, January 26, 2009

F is for Fantastic

This weekend the wonderful fit, fabulous, furry, funny, family man Mr. Fantastic turned....... you guessed it, FORTY!

I wanted to throw him a party - I wanted this to be special, he was turning 40 isn't that a big deal? We have been to a million  40th birthday parties from Over the top to a drink (or 20) at a local hangout. About a month before his birthday, I was told that under no circumstances was there to be a party for him..... "I just want it to be you and the kids, K."
What??!! This is a huge day, this is to be celebrated with our family and 500 of our closest friends, right?!  The week up until his birthday I was supremely stressed - I mean, umm... hormonally imbalanced. I cried twice over the "we are doing NOTHING for your birthday" speech given at dinner time. Each time Mr. Fantastic would say to me - you just don't get it, I want to be with you and the kids"
For all the tears and stress his birthday was, well ordinary. We had soccer at 9:30, baseball practice from 2 to 4 and at 5:00 a few friends came to Chez Fantastic for dinner and cake. Mr. Fantastic loved his gifts (even got a little emotional) and we went to bed. I was still unconvinced - it was for sure a regular Saturday, one we have had many, many times in the past.....
Sunday morning I was in Church and to my surprise my childhood priest (who is also a close family friend) was helping out. When I went up for communion, Father Neilson said my name like he did when I was young. When the priest you grow up with (who marries you and baptizes your babies) retires, it takes some getting used to. I miss him, I miss his voice every Sunday, I miss how much he knew me and my family. I enjoy our Priest now - but at times I long for what I am used to. When there is so much change happening around me I like to know that every Sunday church will be the same, every week - I know when to sit, stand, kneel, etc..... I love THE SAME. And then it hits me! On my way back to my pew I was overwhelmed (when will the hormone imbalance leave me!) All I could think of was, I get it, Mac!!! You wanted..... THE SAME - and in my opinion when THE SAME is our life.... your birthday was the most fantastic celebration ever! 


Katherine said...

Wow-you made me cry. Wanting the same means things are going really well. That is awesome. Happy Birthday Chris!

Estella said...

Happy Birthday to Mr. Fantastic! Sounds like the perfect birthday and I get how the same is Great!